How To Get Rid Of Fatigue and Hunger In Ramadan?

To help you practically tackle with fatigue and hunger in Ramadan, we have shared some very useful tips which you can try to stay energized and fresh during the month of fasting.

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Improve Your Breathing

You may be surprised that how improvement in breathing can tackle hunger in Ramadan. But according to expert advice, there are some special breathing techniques which you can use to get rid of fatigue.

  • Breathe Slower
  • Breathe Through Your Nose
  • Breathe Deeply

Muslim brothers should try to breathe deeply while praying, offering Taraweeh, doing Dhikr or doing their regular work in the month of fasting.



The human body needs regular exercise because it’s the best way to promote deep breathing. It gives you an energy boost during Ramadan. A short walk after Sehar is enough to boost your energy level for the whole day.

Sleep Better

Some Muslim brothers sleep less while some sleep for too many hours. To get rid of tiredness and fatigue in Ramadan, you need to keep a balanced sleeping schedule. The best method you can try is going to sleep immediately after Isha prayer or Taraweeh and wake up fresh for Sehar. Taking a short nap after Dhuhr prayer will keep your energy levels good and you can actively engage in Zikr and Ibadat till Iftar.

Avoid Caffeine and Energy Booster Drinks

You should never consume artificial energy booster drinks and caffeine. Some people think that these drinks will keep them energized for the whole day, but according to doctors, these drinks are harmful to heart in the long run.

Instead, use water as it is totally harmless and keeps you hydrated throughout the day.

Healthy Meals

Try to eat healthy meals during Iftar and Sehar such as fruits, vegetables, and meat. Avoid oily products.

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