Health In Ramadan

Ramadan is one of the holy and blessed months in Islamic history. It is regarded as the main pillar of Islam. As the sacred month of Ramadan makes us purify spiritually in a same way it also makes us healthy and strong bodily too. Ramadan is considered to be one of the beneficial months for bringing back the normal life style and dieting plan of the person at ordinary routine. This article put forward some of the essential and valuable steps for keeping yourself healthy and fit in Ramadan.

1. In Ramadan try to take maximum amount of milk, bread, fish and meat products for keeping yourself healthy.

2. Take minimum carbohydrates items in food such as rice, sweet pasta and bread.


3. During Ramadan try to drink as much water as you can because you have to avoid water the whole day therefore drink maximum 5 glass of water during sehri.

4. After Sehri try to go on a light walk or morning exercise as this would properly this will digest the eaten food properly.

5. Most importantly you are also need to keep yourself fit and healthy as spiritually therefore keep yourself engage in prayers as much as possible.

6. For keeping the body strong it is vital to provide the body with excessive amount of fiber that mostly includes the presence of wheat, seeds, potatoes and grains.

7. Lastly the Ramadan is the name of eating oily and fired tasty items but if you need to keep up the healthy body it is crucial to avoid the fried item products as it may involves your body to get trapped into the acidity or it may even increases the cholesterol level.

On the whole if all Muslims follow these steps they will certainly finds their body much stronger as it was before and can freely enjoy the Eid ul fitr events.

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