How To Do The Uptown Lip

You can’t always apply a dark shade of lipstick. Sometimes using the light or nude shade of lipstick/lip gloss is all you need. For casual wear such as office or college one prefers to have light color lipsticks. That gives a more natural look. Also people like to have full lips while they are trying out the natural look. In today’s beauty article we will tell you How To Do The Uptown Lip.

How To Do The Uptown Lip

Following are the tips on How To Do The Uptown Lip .

How To Do The Uptown Lip


Below are the tools required for doing the uptown lip.

  • Highlighting Pencil
  • Taupe Pencil
  • Shimmer Balm
  • Plumping Gloss


The steps that are required for How To Do The Uptown Lip are given as follows.

The first step is that you have to even everything out. To do that you need to apply some foundation on your lip area.

Then comes the highlighting. Highlight the area just above the perimeter of the upper lip

It is important that you blend the highlighter properly. You can use your fingers for blending the highlighter.

This is one of the most important step as you have to define the shape of your lip. Line the complete perimeter of your lips with help of a taupe pencil.

The next step on How To Do The Uptown Lip is applying the plumping gloss all over with the wand.

The last step is to take a shimmer balm and dip your finger into it. Than apply that shimmer in the center of your lower lip. This is add even more volume to your lips.


Since this is a completely nude lipstick, keep it as chic as possible. You should add some colors to your cheeks to avoid    completely washed out

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