How To Do Smokey Eyes Makeup

What comes first in your mind when you listen the word smokey makeup? Well we would say that smokey eyes are all about looking hot and much prettier. These days the fashion of keeping the eyes filled with the smokey makeup is hugely harvesting its roots. Today every single girl no matter whether her eyes are small or large they always wished to turn her eyes more stunning with the smokey makeup. In all such girls there would be many girls who would have listened this word for the first time and hence they would certainly not be aware from the application processes. In this article we are highlighting the detail steps that would help the girls in applying the smokey eyes makeup in proper manner and method.


1. Firstly take a medium edged eye shadows brush and take the brown eye shadows. Just make sure that the eye shadow has been much darker and not much lighter as it must be normal looking for the women. Just cover the upper area of the eyes with the brown eye shadow.

2. Now take the eye liner and apply it with the thin layer on the both lids. Apply just the first coating without making it appear as messy.

3. Now after the eye liner as it gets dry just take the grey eye shadows and mix it with the brown eye shadows. Use the lighter grey shade so that both the colors must be prominent looking.

4. Now if you feel comfortable then just apply the eye liner even at the lower section of the eyes as well. However, if the woman doesn’t feel suitable then it is not compulsory.

5. Lastly would be the application of mascara and just curl them lightly.

Now you are all set with the smokey eyes makeup for the parties. We hope that you will look beautiful and gorgeous.

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