How To Do French Pedicure At Home

Do you want to know that how to do french pedicure at home? Well there are many women who want to know that how they can easily get the pedicure without the trouble of visiting the parlor or beauty salon. Feet demands for the same care and attention just as you give away to the skin and hands. When we talk about the pedicures then french pedicures are taken as one of the best choices. They are all engaged in making the feet elegant looking for others and give away the neat and clean look.

How To Do French Pedicure At Home

How To Do French Pedicure At Home

Now below you will get to know the method with the help of which you can carry out french pedicure at home:

Main Items for French Pedicure At Home:

  1. Big tumbler to soak your feet
  2. Body oil
  3. Pumice stone
  4. Epsom salt
  5. Nail polish remover
  6. Filer
  7. Concealer brush
  8. Cotton balls
  9. White nail polish
  10. Lotion
  11. Toe spacers
  12. Fresh towels

Steps For French Pedicure At Home:

1. Soak Your Feet:

In the very starting you have to soak your feet in the warm water. Now you have to make the use of Epsom salt or even some shampoo so that you can make your feet soft and soft. Now place both the feet in the tumbler and relax them for sometime. Now take pumice stone and carry out the scrubbing of the various sections of your feet.


2. Apply Lotion:

Now you have to take the lotion and massage it over the feet in gentle way. Make sure that at the time of massage your feet should be soft and smooth. You can even make the use of Vaseline as well. This will going to help you in getting rid from the dead skin around the portions of nails.

3. Remove Nail Color:

If you want to remove the old nail color you have to make the use of remover.Take the cotton ball for the removal of nail polish and then spread it over the nails.

4. Apply White Nail Polish:

Now you have to apply white nail polish over the top of the nails. Wait for few seconds until the polish doesn’t get dry. Now apply the second coat as well because it will going to make the nails attractive looking by the end of the day.

5. Conceal All The Mess:

Now for clearing away all the mess of the nails make the use of concealer brush and dip it in acetone. Make sure that you should be creating a line that is thin and straight.

6. Let It Dry:

Now wait for the few minutes until it don’t get dry. At the time of drying you have to dip your feet in the cold water. This will going to allow the nail polish to be lifelong and hard-wearing.

So all the women out there carry out the above mentioned steps carefully for carrying out perfect french pedicure at home! Try it now and we are sure that you will get soft and smooth feet by the end of the day.

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