How Obesity Starts Occurring?

Overeating and obesity are interlinked with each other. The over weight people are considered to be obese people. There are many reasons for a person to develop obesity but overeating is the most important reason for a person to develop obesity. The food and calories intake is an important thing to keep in mind while you are looking to find the link between obesity and over eating. There are chances for a person to have malfunction in the brain that can lead to the obesity. Overeating refers to the consumption of the energy intake which is larger for the given energy requirement and this situation leads to the obesity. There are many cultural and environmental factors that can cause obesity but overeating is certainly the most important reason for the obesity. If you increase the number of calories intake in your diet than your required amount then these extra calories will be stored in the body as fat and this fat will result in the obesity.

How Obesity Starts Occurring


Connection Of Obesity & Overeating:

The overeating and obesity can be explained in a way that obesity begins in a person when there is difference between the physical expenditure and consumption intake of the calories. One person starts to gain weight because of the energy conservation. There can be increased chances of gaining weight with unscheduled and eating disorders. There can also be problems for the people to have more weight if there is wide time gap between your eating. Although obesity can be due to some genetic reasons as well but still over eating and unscheduled eating can be important factor for the weight gain. It is found that women are more prone to obesity as compared to men. You can put your body to the risks of getting many diseases with your over eating and obesity is one of them. There can effect of obesity on your mental health as well as physical health.


Overeating comes into play when you take more food intake in order to maintain your good health. There can be ill health effects with the overeating such as hypertension, heart diseases and diabetes. Overeating and obesity both effect the body collectively. Overeating can be referred as binge eating. If you are eating larger amount of food, or eating even when you are feeling full then you are overeating. The rate of the eating is regulating the proportion to nutrient stored in your body. There will be no over storage when this eating has reached to an optimal level. It will lead to the obesity. It means that we can say that obesity mainly due to the abnormality of the eating regulatory mechanism.

How Obesity Starts Occurring 1


Health Problems:

Overeating and obesity can create many problems for you in your life. There is direct effect of whatever we eat or drink on our body. There is need of only 3500 calories for a normal person in the daily diet. If you consume more than 3500 calories then there can be problem for you. Many people think that obesity can be due to too much fat consumption but it is not necessarily true. There is definite connection between overeating and obesity. If you eat fast food, soda and processed food regularly then you can have the problem of obesity. It is important for the people to change their diet so as to avoid obesity. Healthy eating such as vegetables and fruits can be good instead of processed food. Regular eating and proper exercise is also very good for you if you want to get rid of your extra weight. You can also ask for the weight loss plan to your doctor.

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