Homemade Moisturizer for Hair Care

If you want to stay beautiful then it does not mean that you need to empty your bank account for expensive beauty products but there are numerous other ways that you can adopt in order to remain beautiful.Honey Hair care treatment Many of us might find ourselves in discomfited position while applying a paste of honey on our faces but at least we should feel comfortable because we know what we are applying on our face, rather then using cosmetic products where we are not sure about the ingredients. Here is a smart home made moisturizer for your hair care, that will not only help you scalp to remain healthy but will ultimately make your hairs shinny and healthy.


Honey and Olive Oil

Take ½ cup of honey and mix two table spoon of olive oil in it. Mingle them nicely and make a smooth paste. Now use your fingers and massage roots of your hairs with this homemade moisturizer moving upwards. After giving your hairs a gentle massage, let the mixture take its full effect for at least 30 minutes, rinse with gentle shampoo and make sure to remove the sticky mixture from your hairs. This home made remedy will give your hair a natural shine and will ease out dryness.

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