5 Important Hair Styling Products, A Review

No more bad hair days from now! These products will do the magic and make your look super stylish and manageable.

  1. Fugde Gloss Defrizz Serum

Want to give that super glossy finish to your hair? Fudge Gloss Defrizz Serum is exactly what you need! This product works like magic, just apply a small amount of it to damp or dry hair and flaunt your hair away. It does not only give your hair a super stylish effect but it will also protect them from environmental damage as it is formulated with natural anti oxidants and UV protectors to give your hair that extra protection. Price: PKR 2500



Fudge Gloss Defrizz Serum


2. Fudge Volume Bodybuilder Booster

Fudge is a brand that is known by the hairdressers worldwide. This product by the brand is a big hit! It is basically a blowdrying lotion that gives your hair that extra oomph! Apply it when blowdrying and volumize your hair instantly! Price: PKR  2100

Fudge Volume Bodybuilder Booster


 3. GHD Polishing Serum 50ml

Fed up of those irritating fly away ends? Want to bring that extra shine to your hair? GHD Thermodynamic Polishing Serum is the solution to your bad hair problems! This is a silicon free shining serum formulated for normal to fine hair. Designed with kukui nut oil its works wonders in conditioning your hair and controls fly away ends bring a shiny finish! Price: PKR 2900



GHD Polishing Serum


4. GHD Thermal Protector For Normal Hair

No more hair damage worries! GHD Thermal Protector is a magical product designed with UVA protection to keep your hair away from damages while heat styling and meadow foam seed oil that helps to control moisture in your hair. Price PRK 2500

GHD Thermal Protector


5. Schwarzkopf Got2b Dazzling Shine Spray

Now this is the product that I love the most! It is an amazing product that brings that extra spark to your hair. it is designed to polish dry and treated hair and give them a fresh and natural look. Just mist it on your dry hair and feel your hair soft and manageable! Price PKR 450

Schwarzkopf got2b Dazzling Shine Spray






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