Home Remedies for Black Lips

Do you remember some of the home remedies for black lips? With the passage of time, having black lips has become a daily life problem. This is usually caused due to low quality cosmetics, allergic reactions, excessive smoking and intake of tobacco, humid temperature, high caffeine use, hormonal imbalance, use of fluoride, stress, and others. Here are some home remedies to get rid of black lips.


Again and again we tell you that lemons are just good for your skin, your healthy and of course for your lips. Make sure you apply lemon slices over the area of lips that are black lips. Removal of it is possible after 3-5 minutes, depending upon how severe is the color of your lips and how you want to deal with it. In another case you can also drink lemon juice. It contains citric acid and alpha – hydroxy acids which are useful for skincare problems and black lips.

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Remedies for Black Lips


Glycerin and Honey

The mixture of glycerin and honey is more than superb for black lips. Take equal quantities of these two ingredients and apply to the lips. The damaged area of the lips should have proper application of glycerin and honey. This is the only way you can have wonderful results, and can get rid of the black lips.

Almond Oil

The mixture of lemon juice and almond oil is also great. It exfoliates the lips for preventing the dead cells. This gives glorious and wonderful look to you. The dryness and damage of the lips can be avoided to much extent with almond oil. You can either mix it with lemon juice or honey—whatever is available for you. This is the only way you can be assured to have gorgeous and wonderful lips. Prevent yourself from the black lips and other problems so that you can enjoy healthy lifestyle.

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