Beautify Your Hands With Weekly Homemade Manicure

Your hands are among the most useful parts of your body. You use your hands to do things and express feelings. Just think about how you’ve used your hands today, because they often face harsh treatment, hands need extra care to keep them looking good and soft.

Try to protect your hands whenever possible. A good way to start is to wear rubber gloves when you’re cleaning or washing dishes with harsh soaps or cleaners. Also make sure you dry your hands well if they have been in water and the most important thing, apply plenty of moisturizing cream to keep your hands soft, especially in winters.

A weekly manicure will keep your hands and nails in good condition. It won’t take long, so try it once a week. Use the following steps,

First, lay out everything you will need; a nail brush, pumice stone, pair of nail scissors or nail clippers, emery board or filer, bowl of warm soapy water, cotton swabs (cotton buds), and a hand cream.

Wash your hands thoroughly, using the same sort of soap that you would use on your face.

 Wash your hands with a moisturizing soap

Use a nailbrush to remove dirt from under your nails. If there are any stains or rough patches on your hands, rub them gently with a pumice stone or filer

Clean your nails using a nail brush


Remove dirt inside the nails

Trim your nails to the desired length, cutting them in a slight curve. File your nails gently with an emery board or filer to get rid of rough edges. Only file in one direction


 Cut your nails properly and carefully

File your nails in a curve shape

Soak your fingertips in a bowl of warm water for about five minutes. This will soften the skin and the cuticles (the part of skin that covers the area from where your nail grows.)

 Soak your hands in luke warm water

Dry your hands well and rub in a little hand moisturizer or cream. Very gently, push back the cuticles with a cotton swab.

 Apply moisturizing cream on your hands

Apply cream or oil to your cuticles


Apply cuticle oil to your cuticle for maximum benefits

Use the above tips and try this manicure weekly for better results 🙂

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