Health Benefits of Water

Water is a must component of life. Survival of an individual is impossible without water. It is said the more than 60 percent of our body is made up of water and liquids. Drinking 7 to 10 glasses of water a day is strongly recommended by the health care professionals.

Benefits of Water for Health:

Water can benefit us in the following ways:

1. It is used to wash our face and take a bath. Thus water is helpful in getting rid of germs and pollutants which might be harmful from health point of view.

Health Benefits of Water

2. Water keeps our blood pressure at nominal rate. The BP patients are always recommended to drink water after every one hour. It is because water helps them keeping their blood density proper and don’t let the blood get thick.


3. Water is also vital for the patients with kidney problems. It removes all the wastes and cholesterol from the body. A kidney patient, whose kidneys have been failed, should drink a lot of water. It is because the water would automatically remove the waste and harmful materials from his body, keeping him healthy and physically fit.

4. Water is also essential for keeping our body cells active and workable. It maintains the body liquids and thus the cells work effectively as they are nourished properly.

5. Water plays its vital role in overcoming the weight problems. The obese people are strongly recommended to drink water in large quantity. It removes the fats from the body and helps us getting rid of extra weight.

6. Water consists of hydrogen and oxygen atoms. Both are essential component for the survival of human beings. It keeps our skin glowing and helps us get rid of pimples. Water ensures to give a charming and fresh looking appeal to our skin.

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