Hania Amir Having Fun With Friends Public Criticism

Hania Amir was born on February 12, 1997 in Rawalpindi, Punjab. She is a Pakistani actress and is known for her role in Pakistani TV and film industry. Well, who doesn’t know Hania Amir, she is a good talker, a free-spirited woman who has made her mark in the industry with her relaxed acting skills? Hania Amir Having Fun With Friends Public Criticism, Hania is part of a few episodes, and her performance in Ishqiya has gained criticism and commercial recognition. Hania also appeared in the movie, playing the leading role in the blockbuster “Parwaz Hai Junoon”.

Hania Amir Having Fun With Friends Public Criticism

Anyone who follows Hania Amir on social media knows the happy nature of our dimple girls very well. Hania likes to play with her friends. Hania Amir and Aima Baig are very close to each other. Director and producer Wajahat Rauf and Shazia Wajahat’s son Aashir Wajahat are good friends of Hania Amir. She is very famous for her acting skills. she has worked in many famous Pakistani drama serials. 

Hania Amir’s recent video tape is touring on the Internet. The video shows that Hania is very happy with Aashir Wajahat and his brother.

Let’s watch the video:

The public severely criticized Hania Amir’s attitude, calling it “excessive” and “liberty”. Let’s take a look at the public comments:

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