Hareem Shah gets Double dose of Love from Hubby

Hareem Shah gets Double dose of Love from Hubby. As Hareem Shah’s fans must be well aware, the renowned TikToker and her better half Bilal Shah are currently having quite a wonderful time in Istanbul, Turkey. However in the latest update posted by the TikTok star, she has been spotted in a Turkey hospital while her anxious spouse has been serving the role of the most devoted husband by kissing Hareem on the cheek through his face mask, not once but twice!

TikToker Hareem Shah staying loyal to the habit of befriending various Pakistani political figures has now been spotted exchanging sweet words with self-exiled Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) founder Altaf Hussain in London, United Kingdom.

Hareem took to her Instagram, the famous TikTok star shared a video of herself. In the video she can be seen dancing in the hotel room and showering money on herself. Recently, the TikTok star announced that she has been nominated for the TikTok star of the year category, female, at the 11th Pakistan Achievement Awards International.

As far as one can tell from the intimacy showcased in Hareem Shah’s couple updates, Hareem’s sweetheart is quite head over heels in love with his wife. Therefore it was rather inevitable that the social media star falling victim to an unknown ailment will provoke sentiments of severe agitation and distress in the affectionate man. Bilal Shah looks quite concerned and his worry is making us wonder whether the TikToker has fallen victim to something daunting, well we hope not.

Hareem Shah gets Double dose of Love from Hubby

Also, another interesting thing which grabbed our attention: Even though the duo is spotted wearing face masks which is something that the couple is rarely ever seen complying with, this factor, however, doesn’t stop worried Bilal Shah from approaching Hareem and pecking her twice on the cheek through his face mask. Quite a cute attempt, to be honest!

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