Nail Art Ideas For Girls – Eid 2017

Hey girls.. get ready to rock with latest nail art tricks this Eid. Hand nails are taken as considerable part of girls’ look; especially the collage students are keen to try out innovative nail art. Make your hands beautiful so that they can demonstrate how conscious you are about your looks and personality. Moreover these modern nail art ideas will enhance your style with your pretty Eid dress.

Usually ladies go to some professionals to have some complicated or detailed nail art design, but using some helpful and simple tricks you can do at yourself at home saving your time and budget. All that you need is a nail art kit and basic accessories at home with your favorite nail colors. Make sure you have:

  • Nail colors
  • Nail doter (bobby pins can also be used instead)
  • Nail strippers
  • Stationary tape (to make stencils)
  • Brushes of different sizes
  • Nail stickers
  • Tweezers
  • Rhinestones
  • White pearls
  • Manicure stick rods
  • Shiner

If you have these accessories at home, its super easy for you to try any design home or make any modification to a design and have an awesome look. There are hell of nail art design ideas that are super easy to try and make your hands striking to look at. Polka dots nail art, leopard print nail art, and shimmer nail art designs are on top list for Eid fashion 2017. You can make them separate or create a combination with your choice.

Have a look at some design ideas here.

Polka Dots Nail Design Ideas

Tools used: toothpick or bobby pin can be used to make dots.



Leopard Print Nail Design Ideas

Tools used: bobby pin can be used to make leopard print of two or more colors.


Shimmer Nail Design Ideas

Tools used: no tool is used, just a shimmer nail color can be used to make effects.

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