The Art Of Perfect Photography

Photography is all about capturing beautiful and memorable moments which can be relived later.

A photograph is not just a piece of paper, it’s a picture which flashbacks you to that time, bringing the past memory into present, letting you remember all those good and old times when you were happy. To make this memory perfect, all you have to do is to keep in mind the following things before posing for a photo;

– Make sure you are perfectly dressed, use colors which suits you rather than going for new colors that might spoil your photo because clothing style and color affects your photogenic appeal

Bridal Photography With Perfect Choice of Dress Color

– Use makeup to hide redness, spots, pimples etc from your face so that they can’t be prominent in photos

Do not fake your smile, it should be natural.

Perfect Photograph with Natural Smile

Use poses which suits you, avoid going for poses which makes you look bad or uncomfortable

– Watch your background; this is an important factor to consider, because even if you are looking great and the background is not good, the overall impact of your photo will be bad



Family Picture With Perfect Background

Outdoor photographs appear to be more attractive than indoor photos, but again, that depends on your choice, whichever is comfortable for you

Avoid mirrors or reflective surface to spoil your photos – change your location if you find any reflective surface near you

– Avoid photography in direct sunlight. Otherwise the reflection would spoil the picture

– Take multiple photographs so that if one appeared to be not so good, you could go for the other one

– Make sure your hair are neatly combed

Photo With Neatly Combed Hair

Determine your best angles, if you think you look good when you pout for a photo, then only do it; don’t try to fake yourself for poses you don’t like or feel comfortable

Cute Baby Photograph

Use the above steps to make your photograph perfect so that whenever you recall it, it brings joy and happiness for you rather than embarrassments and bad memories!! 🙂

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