Hania Aamir and Asim Azhar Talks About Mental Health On Instagram

Hania Aamir has been in the news as of late for testing magnificence principles and now the on-screen character has spoken up on another significant issue – mental health.  In an Instagram post, the Anaa star shared how one can assist those battling with tension and gloom.

“Mental health issues are genuine. As genuine as whatever other illness that needs prescription. In this universe of immense information and access to the web, we as a whole can look into what dysfunctional behavior resembles so if a companion comes to you clarifying a circumstance that isn’t exceptionally typical for you to hear, simply be patient and make them feel it is ordinary,” she wrote.

“Do your exploration and get them help since it took them a huge amount of strength and restless evenings and crying and tension to reach this resolution; to give someone access on their disease trusting you could help; So do help out,” Aamir included. “What’s more, don’t get over it saying things like “it will be alright” “you ought to be cheerful more” don’t give them that. Reveal to them their issues are not kidding and that you get it!”


She further stated, “Solace them make them feel safe and counsel a clinician or specialist if need be. Spread mindfulness! It’s significant for everybody to comprehend in light of the fact that 1 out of 4 individuals fight misery or tension consistently and we as a whole should know and there for them!”

Her words were bolstered by individual craftsman, Asim Azhar. Remarking on Hania’s post, her supposed lover stated, “The sooner we understand the position that we’ve been honored with by God, the measure of individuals we can move and rouse, the better influence we’ll have on our general public.”

He proceeded, “We are honored with the ability to contact individuals, and this is actually what we have to do. Mindful society.”

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