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Born on 15 July, 1976 in Lahore, top model Meera, real name is Irtaza Rubaba is the daughter of Syed Mohammad Server Shah and Syeda Shafqat Zahra Bukhari. Her mother was a teacher and educationist whereas her father was an architect. Meera has two brother and two sisters. Meera’s mother married Syed Ali Abbas when the fashion model was just twelve years old. Meera was very young when her family moved to Kashmir where she completed her primary education. After sometime, they moved to Sheikhupura where the model completed her secondary education. Then they moved to Sargodha where her step father was a magistrate.

From childhood, fashion model Meera wanted to be an actress. She was in high school when she was approached for a child role in drama. Later Meera also did some commercials which were very successful and banners were displayed all over in Lahore. Pakistani fashion model Meera got popularity after modeling in commercials in 1994. After modeling, female model entered the film industry. She has worked in two hundred plus movies that includes Urdu, Punjabi and Hindi movies.


Pakistani model Meera has won the Best Actress Award ten times. Today she is counted among the most successful actors of Pakistan. Fashion model Meera did not restrict herself to Pakistani movies only but also has worked in India movies. Media has many times called Meera as the most beautiful actress of Lollywood. In fact some also call her Aishwarya Rai of Pakistan. She even has won the LUX most beautiful face of the year in 2007. Till now Meera has done dozens of commercials and modeling for various magazines and top designers.

Controversy Queen:

Meera is also known as the controversy queen. She is often found in headlines for some reason. Her first controversy came that she was caught kissing Sir Taji in the bollywood movie Nazar produced by Mahesh Bhatt. She even received death threats for doing the kissing and bold scenes. She was even threatened by religious personnel of Pakistan. But Meera always remained clear about the fact that she is an actress and being an actress she has done nothing wrong. Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz promised her to provide proper security.

Another controversy was when she was married to Pakistani businessman Atiq-ur-Rehman for short span of time. Controversy was that her husband is already married whereas Meera always denied the news of being her second wife of Atiq-ur-Rehman.

Another controversy was that Meera was stopped at Karachi Airport for carrying two passports. Top model Meera’s mother and brother were accused by her ex-wife for kidnapping their son Abbas. Meera’s name was also involved in kidnapping. Meera again came in headlines for not paying property taxes for four years.

Meera also keeps on coming in limelight because of her English language. She cannot speak proper English and this is a well known fact. But one video was released in which the top actress was trying hard to speak the language but could not. The video spread like a fire on all over internet because of which fashion model Meera had to face embarrassments.

Meera has also been famous for hiding her real age. Even today if you ask her age, she would say she is just 21 years old. Meera once entered India from Delhi whereas her passport clearly stated the destination point to be Mumabai. Delhi officials detained her for full day and she was about to be detained back to Pakistan. But her event organizer rescued her after much negotiation.

In 2009, Meera filed a complaint against Faisal Saif that he is trying to defame her by creating a fake marriage between her and an agent working for Saif. She also complained of threats coming from Saif.

Now a days again Meera is in headlines for her marriage with the Naveed. Naveed was selected to be the fiancé of Pakistani model and actress Meera from the reality show Kaun Banega Meera Ka Pati produced by GEO TV. Many controversies have arisen already before the marriage. Would be groom Naveed’s father is against the marriage, Meera’s diamond wrist watch, which she planned to gift her fiancé Naveed, got stolen etc. the watch valued two million rupees.

Other Involvements:

Pakistani fashion model and actress Meera plans to establish a social welfare organization for homeless and needy women. The organization will be named after her mother Shafqat Zara.

In 2005, top model and actress was also invited for the India-Pakistan peace march from Delhi to Multan.  Meera also joined Imran Khan’s Telethon for the flood victims in Pakistan. She was also seen supporting the new political party All Pakistan Muslim League formed by Parvez Musharraf, former Pakistani president.



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