Evolving hairstyles Winter 2011-2012 For Women

Hair style has always been a prominent aspect of a girl’s personality which adds charm to her looks. But to have it only is not enough, a girl has to continuously look after, maintain and take care of itEven in ancient times, women were interest in new hair styles and haircuts. They used to color it, curl it, or pin them up in a variety of ways. They even used leaves and flowers to make different hairstyles

There was a time when long hair were in, people used to have long hair which were difficult and time consuming to maintain. But still girls can manage the time to look beautiful ;). The trends kept on changing time to time and women became more and more aware of how they can make their hair look beautiful, creative and sensual. Several haircuts are very much “IN” now-a-days that you can try and look gorgeous 🙂 these are;

Fringes Or Bangs For Girls Winter 2011-2012

You can wear those in almost every haircut. Be it short, long and medium sized. They always look good. This hairstyle took over the market in the year 2011 and it is surely going to be  famous in the coming years. Many of the celebrities tried this hairstyle and looked more gorgeous. Fringes are the biggest advantage for the women having wide forehead and chubby face, as fringes makes your face look thin and covers your forehead to some extent, making you look sweet and trendy at the same time

Hairstyle Trends For Women 2011-12 (5)

 Bangs For Girls 2011-12 HairStyles

Hairstyle Trends For Women 2011-12 (6)

Fringes For Girls 2011-12 Hairstyles

Short HairStyles For Girls 2011-12 Winter

Short haircut like bob cuts and pixie cuts were popular in the year 2011 and it is more likely to be the same for the next years to come. Short haircuts are easy to handle and they make you look bold and confident. Most of the professional women like to have shorter hair as they believe it is easy to maintain

Short Hairstyles for women Winter 2011-12


 Short (bob cut) Hairstyles For Girls 2011-12 Winter


Short Hairstyles For Women 2011-12

 Pixie cut For Girls 2011-12

 Braids for Women 2011-12

Braids- one of the oldest and the easiest way to handle one’s hair. In the ancient era, women used to have long hair tied up with braids decorated with flowers and pins. Even now you can wear braid decorated with colorful pins and clips along with bangs which would add a double charm to your looks. French braids look fabulous specially when you are going for some formal meeting or dinner

Hairstyle Trends For Women 2011-12 (3)

 French Braid For Women 2011-12

Hairstyle Trends For Women 2011-12 (4)

 Fancy Braid Decorated With Flowers- for Women 2011-12

 Hair puff/ Teasing or Back combing styles for Women 2011-12

Back combing became so much trendy that every second girl was found wearing teasing on their hair in the early 2011, even now they are “IN” in the market and people still wear them. You can wear teasing on any type of hair. Be it straight, curly, wavy or any size either long or short. They look good on every kind of hair

Hairstyle Trends For Women 2011-12 (1)

Back combing For Women 2011-12

Hairstyle Trends For Women 2011-12 (2)

Teasing/ Puff styles for Women 2011-12

You can use these hairstyles to look prettier and to add a double charm to your personality. They were, are and will be popular in the coming years, so girls, don’t stand back …go for it try it and you definitely will love the “new” you  🙂

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