Economical Beauty Tricks

natural-beauty-tips-01In this era of financial crunch, where economy is suffering from recession, we all are forced to cut out on our budget short for all essentials of our happy life. In case of Skin Care products, if you frugal a bit here and there, this might sound odd but mark my words it won’t affect your style. Let me share with you some of my cheap beauty tricks with you all, and see for your self how easy it is for you to look haughty and sexy on a small budget.

  1.  Buy an apple cider vinegar from a grocery store which only cost Rs:80/- only. Apply it on your hairs to make your hairs look healthy and shinny, instead of buying an expensive shampoo from the market for healthy hairs.
  2. Use Johnshons baby shampoo with no tear formula to remove makeup from your eyes. This will cost less as compared to buying eye makeup remover.
  3. Instead of throwing away your old lipstick, you should recycle them. Some companies like MAC gives a new lipstick for every two old lipsticks and similarly other companies also provide you with the option to refill your lipstick. It will cost less as compares to buying a new lipstick.
  4. Whenever I feel tired to my lipstick shades and don’t have the money to buy a new one. I takeout my used lipsticks and melt few of them and make a new colour lipstick from them. Afterwards, rub it on my lips like a lip balm. You will really find it enjoyable and cost effective.
  5. Whenever you go to a marketplace to buy essentials for your home always look out for economical deals offered by various marts like Cosmo and Metro. I would suggest you to buy the biggest bottle of shampoo and conditioner because it is more cost efficient.

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