Benefits Of Papaya For Skin Care

Benefits-of-Papaya-for-Skin-CareI have been talking about benefits of fruits and today its Papaya turn.Papaya is the most nutritious fruit that you can find and is wellknown for its benefits of skin care. Here I am sharing with you some of most useful ways with which you can make use of this fruit which is enrich with Vitamin A and papain.

  •  Papaya can also be used to make an anti aging mask. Take some papaya and mash it nicely, you can do it with or without milk and then apply this on your face. This mask will help you get rid of blemished and dark spots from your skin.
  •   Papaya is enrich source of anti-oxidants because of huge concentration of Vitamin A in it.
  • If your heels are cracked, then apply mashed papaya on your cracked heels and they will again become soft.
  •  Papain that is present in papaya plays an important role in eliminating dead skin cells. You can make papaya paste and apply on your skin to exfoliate your skin in a natural way.
  •  If you want to make a hydrating skin mask, then take mashed papaya and mix some honey in it.
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