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Pakistani are full of talent, in the present date they have managed to make their names not only in games, studies but also in fashion and television world. Our drama’s are watched and rated as one of the best Drama’s around the globe. And is this article we will be discussing another talented and well established actress and model of Pakistani Fashion, Television industry.  Her in born talent for modeling has made her the most sorted after model. Almost every designer desire her to showcase their dresses.  Her beauty is another factor that attracts producers, designer and directors towards her. She is counted as one of the most glamorous and beautiful model of fashion world. In this article we will focus on Amna Karim Pictures and Profile.

Personal Life of Amna Karim

Amna Karim

Amna Karim was born in the city of lights that is Karachi, Sindh Pakistan. She was born into a muslim family. She is considered to be among the cutest models and actress of Pakistani fashion and Television Industry. During an interview she was asked:

Tell something about your hometown, education and background?

I was born in Karachi. I have done my graduation in psychology. My mother Andleeb was a very well known actress of her time. She quit show biz after doing many films

What is your most memorable moment?

The most memorable moment of my life was when I decided to join show business. This changed my life completely.

How do you define “Beauty of a woman”?

I think that the beauty of a woman lies in the way she carries herself. The beauty of a woman lies in her exploration: if she knows well about her best traits and qualities. She has to know well about her best attributes. She should know well how to groom herself.

What is your biggest passion: biggest desire and biggest expectation?

My biggest desire in life is to be an internationally acclaimed actress. I wish to be a very successful person. I also wish to have a good personal (marital) life too.

Professional Life Of Amna Karim

Amna Karim started her career at a very young age. She was a super-star even as a child. But she joined the industry seriously almost 4-5 years back. From there onwards she has never looked back in her journey as a model and now as a famous actress. We will be sharing some of her comments regarding her professional life, which were asked during an interview.

How and when did you join media?

I joined media and started my career about three years ago with a small role in a TV Play “Kahanian”. Then I switched to modeling. I have done many TV shoots and fashion shows, but acting is my passion too, besides modeling. So I have continued that as well.

Tell us about your future and current projects?

I have done many plays so far and doing some too. One of my on air project is “Kahay ko Biyahi Badais” from Geo TV, and my celebrity light comedy show “Bano Tere Abba Ki Oonchi Haveli“. My upcoming projects are “Rang Rangilay“, Karachi Tower and many plays. My most recent ads include fair & lovely and Olpers. Plus I am doing some international projects for film festivals too. 

What difference do you find between acting and modeling?

In modeling you need to take care of your weight, looks and have to be skinny. Plus you should know how to face the modeling world conspiracies against you. There is little kind of dirty politics in the modeling world. For being an actress, you need to have talent, good acting skills and choice of good characters as well. So I think there is a lot of difference in both. 

What is your message to the readers?

Put your 100 percent effort in whatever you are doing in life.


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