Pakistani Model Sadia Khan Pictures and Profile

Another Sizzling and dynamic personality of Pakistani fashion and Television industry is Sadia Khan. She is considered to be one of the very best actress and model Pakistani industry has produced so far. Her charms, beauty and passion for her work as been the key behind her success. Even has a child she also wanted to come in fashion industry. And the reason that today she is a success is her undivided and unquestioned dedication and hard-work.Even as a child, she use to participate in any and every play that was held in her school. Because she believes that

If an opportunity  does not knock on your door, You should build the door.

Pakistani Model Sadia Khan Pictures and Profile

Sadia Khan Career As a Model

Her this attitude has made her a huge success. She started with her career in year 2007. Initially, all she planed was to become an epitome among models. And to make a difference in Pakistani fashion industry, which wasn’t a problem as she was immediately noticed by many famous designers because of her 5 feet and 7 inch height, jet black hair and dark black eyes. One of her major attraction is her beautiful dark black eyes. They have a liveliness in them, which can even make a picture come to live and which is a very important thing for a model.

Sadia Khan Career As a Actress

Once she had made her place in the fashion industry, she decided to go for the television industry.One of Sadia Khan major hits in drama’s is Yaarian. This was a big break and a boast to her career as an actress. Because of her acting and dedication towards her work which was quite visible during the play, she soon became a well know and sort after actress. Another one of her major success as a drama actress is Khuda aur Muhabbat. She played the main lead role in it, opposite to a paragon among the male actors and models namely Imran Abasi.

Sadia Khan is not limited only to Television industry. She has done some work in a Pakistani Film Waar. Though she had not been playing the main lead in this movie but her acting in the supporting role had been outstanding and worth all the extol which was given to her. And it is not going to take her long to play the main lead role in a movie. The best thing about her is that she didn’t not limit her self to one thing. Infact she enjoys variety  and this is the reason behind her playing different and difficult roles, not sticking to one place and testing her acting and models skills every now and then.She has also done different commercials one of her famous commercial is of Q-mobile in which Imran Abasi is playing the opposite main lead.

This daring actress has won hearts of many due to her humble attitude and down to earth disposition.Because of her down to earth attitude she is liked by many old and prestige actors. They have a very high opinion about her.  Rumors has it that she has a likeness for adventures and danger but than rumors are bound to happen with someone so beautiful and famous.



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