Actress Resham Surprised Everyone On Her Birthday! See The Complete Birthday Pics Here.

Every famous celebrity paints the town red on his/her birthday. But this was not the case of famous actress Resham. Recently, it was the birthday of Resham. Her close friends including actress Noor went to wish Resham at her place. The guests took some presents and a bouquet with them. But the guests got surprised when Resham refused to celebrate her birthday! Well, what could the reason? Was Resham upset? Was she in some kinda trouble? Well, you don’t need to worry. Resham refused to party because it is the Islamic month of Muharram (the sacred month). So the famous actress just took a few casual photos with her birthday guests!

Here are some pictures of Resham birthday party.

Film Star Resham Birthday Party

actress resham birthday party pictures


resham with noor

birthday of actress resham


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