Resham Supported Mahira Khan By calling Firdous Jamal’s Statement “Disgusting”

The video of the senior actor Firdous Jamal making sexist and ageist remarks about Mahira Khan in a morning exhibit has gone viral all over social media. And the reaction closer to Firdous Jamal’s remarks has not been positive, to no-one’s surprise.

Firdous Jamal remarked that Mahira Khan is a, “mediocre sort of a model. She is no longer a true actress and no longer a heroine.” He similarly went on to say that Mahira Khan is too ancient to play heroine roles. “Iss age mein heroinay nahin hoti, maa ke kirdaar karte hain.” The remarks are not only extraordinarily offensive but also replicate the deeply rooted poisonous mentality of our society who deem a girl as too old as soon as she crosses the age of thirty.

The extreme backlash these remarks have confronted is all over social media. But what is the most clean is that whilst on one hand we have a veteran actor like Firdous Jamal pulling Mahira Khan, the girl who has made Pakistan proud on many global platforms, down and criticizing her based totally on her age, on the different hand we have every other veteran of the industry, Resham, talking up in Mahira Khan’s protection and displaying a uncommon case of ladies uplifting girls in this industry.


Film actress Resham commented on Firdous Jamal’s remarks and expressed her disappointment in the veteran for pulling down Mahira Khan like that. She said:

“It’s saddening to see a senior actor making such remarks. If the seniors of the industry would no longer support and admire this lot of actors then who would?”

She similarly stated that Mahira Khan keep improving herself as an actor and the distinction in her competencies as an actor earlier than and now can be without a doubt viewed in the trailers of Superstar and Parey Hut Love.

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Resham pointed out the double requirements through pronouncing that every time a Bollywood film is screened in Pakistan that aspects Kareena Kapoor or Aishwariya Rai, the actresses who have been in this subject of work for so long, these movies do super business in Pakistan however if a Pakistani actress in the same age bracket is doing lead roles in a film then she receives criticized as a substitute of appreciated.

In a concluding observe Resham said, or as a substitute appealed to the seniors of the enterprise as well as the audience of the country, to respect the matters that belong to us.

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