Feelings of Pakistani Celebrities on Cricket Team Performance

Do you want to know about the feelings of Pakistani celebrities on the performance of our cricket team? Well, all of us would like to know it. Not only the common people, but also Pakistani celebrities go crazy when it comes to talk about the cricket or world cup. The expectations of the people are always high and we want to have our cricket team won.

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Pakistani celebrities

Pakistani celebrities and cricket

There are a lot of Pakistani celebrities who love to watch cricket. In other word I can say that almost all the celebrities love to watch cricket. When it comes to world cup, the expectations of ours touch the heights of success. We want to see our team win the match regardless of which country it is playing against. The match of Pakistan with India is always always highly awaited. The Pakistani celebrities love to watch their favorite matches.

Performance of Pakistani cricket team

Unfortunately, the performance of Pakistani cricket team this world cup remained unsatisfactory. Not only the people of different cities but also the Pakistani celebrities were expecting that the country would get the world cup but this didn’t happen. The expectations of ours went in vain. We don’t know what happened to the cricket team that it could not get the world cup.


The reactions of Pakistani celebrities onto it have remained not satisfactory. Some of them have viewed that the cricket team of Pakistan could perform even better but it seems to have lost the hope in the very first matches.

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Pakistani celebrities

Excitement about cricket match

When the cricket match starts, the restaurants, cafes, and public spots remain empty because we all remain busy in watching match. In such circumstances, we want our favorite team to win the match. In case, this doesn’t happen, we get disappointed.

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