Actress Mansha Pasha Shut Down Schools Troll

Actress mansha pasha has stepped ahead and has clearly shut down all the schools trolls!  With the passage of time the celebrities have been getting much conscious about replying to the trolling statements and hitting back at the haters!  Well the actress Mansha Pasha is not the first one to receive such a comment but somehow she is probably one of the few who gave a befitting reply to the trolling statements.

This tweet just started buzzing around on the social media as soon after Hareem Farooq, Mansha Pasha, and Osman Khalid Butt went to attend the Zab Media Festival and talks about how the women are being represented in the film world. Mansha Pasha Give away the statement that the women image is complete different on the film screen as she is being highlighted on the drama screen. But it seems like the trolling audience did not agree on it at all.  This is what the hater has to say:


Cyberbulling has been not so easy to handle much because so many celebrities have been brutally attacked for it. Do you agree with the point of view statement of actress Masha Pasha or not?

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