According to Ertugrul Stars, Pakistan and Turkey are two countries but one nation

Turkish actor Ezgi Esma Kürklü, who plays the role of Banu Çiçek in the mega-hit serial Diriliş: Ertuğrul, recently recorded a message for her Pakistani fans, reported Independent Urdu. 

Addressing her Pakistani fans in the video, Ezgi said, “I’ve been receiving hundreds of messages full of love, kindness and nice words from you. Thank you very much for it, it really touched my heart.”

She then went on to share what she thought of Pakistan and it’s people. “When I think of Pakistan, I always think of a very colourful place with kind and energetic people. I think it’s a crowded country and I like crowded places.”

She also drew parallels between Pakistan and Turkey, saying, “It’s a bit like Turkey, probably. And you know, as they say, it’s two countries but one nation so I think we’re close.”



“After receiving all these messages, it made me think that Turks and Pakistanis are really similar to each other,” she added. She also expressed her desire to visit Pakistan some day.

She then added what she found the most interesting; “the culture and the history!” she said.

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