The personal life of Ertuğrul stars is too hot

Ertuğrul, a hugely popular Turkish television series, has made its way to Pakistani screens at the behest of Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Aired every night at 9:10 pm on a local television channel, the series seems to have hit a close spot with Pakistanis, and has racked up its own, vast, fan following.

However, the fan obsession with the show’s actors/characters seems to have taken a flight for the worse; screenshots from the Instagram profile of the actor who plays Halima Sultan on the show, Esra Bilgiç, revealed the dark, albeit hilarious, side of Pakistani fans as they went on to relentlessly moral police her on her clothing and poses.

That’s not all, many even likened her on-screen persona to something that they expected from her in real life. The ‘modest and noble’ lady trope was repeated, implying that that’s how she should lead her life.



While user ‘razy.ahmed’ went back on his comment to imply that he was joking, the motive for the backtracking was pointed towards the backlash he received. ”

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