Its important to take care of your skin. But sometimes while taking care of it we do things which are more damaging then are helpful. Infact excess of anything is bad, so its important what ever treatment we are using we should use it to some extent. Also, there are certain skin care myths i.e. there are certain skin care tips which we think are useful but in reality they are not. And in today’s beauty article we will be discussing 7 skin care myths.


Following are the 7 SKIN CARE MYTHS .

Skin Care

Washing Face Twice A day

The first and foremost skin care myth among the 7 SKIN CARE MYTHS is washing your face daily twice can really help you prevent acne. But on the contrary washing your twice in a day can cause your skin to dehydrate and rough. You are allowed to wash your face with plain water as many times as possible. But you are not allowed to wash it twice or more then twice a day with your face-wash or soup. 
Now the important question is how often should you face your face. I think once a day is enough, but in case you are in habit of washing it twice just avoid using your face wash.

Exfoliating every time you wash your face

If you are exfoliating every time you are washing your face, you really need to slow it down. You should scrub your face once or twice a week, not daily. And why not use scrub daily because dermatologist says that the dead skin cells that don’t get sloughed off when washed actually protect your skin from pollution and harmful bacteria.

Also, you should make sure that the beauty product which you are using for exfoliating, should be the right one. Like some dermatologists says

“Avoid using scrubs as the sharp edges of the particles in some scrubs made from apricot pits and walnut shells can injure the skin.” 


Only old people need Retin-a or Retinol

Many people think of anti-aging products when they hear the words Retinol and Retin-a, but these chemicals do so much more than just help with wrinkles. These ingredients also help with acne, pore size, skin tone, and overall skin health. And since Retinol has been on the market for about 50 years, it’s got a lot of research to back up the safeness factor.

Always use oil-free products

Then among the 7 skin care myths we have myths; always use oil free products.If you have oily skin, the last thing you probably want to lather on is more oil … but you probably should. As oily skin needs moisturizer but some many acne products strip the skin of oil, causing it to dry out, your skin will produce more oil to replace it. Thus resulting in breakouts.  Even if you have healthy skin, you should consider using an oil-based moisturizer.

Dry out your zits with Benzoyl Peroxide or Salicylic Acid

It’s because Benzoyl Peroxide and Salicylic Acid are harsh and drying to the skin. Instead, look for a milder product that will still get rid of the zit, but not inflame the skin.  We recommend products with willow bark and clay because they “calm inflammation and draw out impurities.”

Your Eye Area demands a different Product

Then comes the myth ; your eye area demands a different product in our list of 7 skin care myth. Many of think that the product we apply on our face, we can’t use that for eyes. But in reality the product which we use for our face is the same product we apply on our eyes the only difference is that it has a different packing. So instead of wasting your money on these products twice, simply buy one and use it for both your eyes and face.

Natural Products are Always Gentle

When you see the word “natural” stamped on a product don’t assume that it’s gentle on your skin. While many dermatologists praise all natural products, they need to be used in moderation just like any other product. For example, tea tree oil can take care of those zits, but you only need a small amount to get great results. If you use too much, your skin can become red and flaky.

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