Yasir Hussain Making Fun of Asad Siddiqui Outfit Gives a True Friendship Goal

Well it seems like finally the tiff war between the Asad and Yasir has come to an end. Well we all know the relationship between these two stars where they are cousin brothers by blood. But as they have made their way into the entertainment world, they are becoming a perfect example of the close friendship bonding now. They have expressed their bond in so many interviews.

Recently, Asad and Zara made an appearance in one of the shows where Yasir could not stop himself from making fun of sad outfit. This is what Yasir shared on her Instagram story for the actor brother:


It shows that both of these actors are not just the showbiz friends, but even in real life they do not miss out a single chance making their bonding reveal to others.  We definitely want them to see together on the screen in some comedy play!

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