This is How Iqra Aziz Supported Yasir Hussain On His Transgender Statement Controversy

We all know how the Yasir Hussain insulted the follower on the social media when he raised a question on his character in his new upcoming serial. If you are not aware from the story then let’s give you a brief timeline. Yasir Hussain is playing a role of women in his upcoming serial, Help Me Durdana where his pictures in women dress is getting much viral on the social media. Over this picture, one of the followers commented “why don’t you hire real transgenders”. On the reply of the follower the actor commented back “kyun apko job chahyea”.

Although this reply back response might be funny from the side of the actor but this has definitely created a buzz around the social media. Social media followers are completely in support with the boy who commented because for them he was not wrong. But the way the actor responded was much rude.


Facing so much criticism many celebrities are coming ahead in his support. In such celebrities we have Yasir Hussain closest friend Iqra Aziz as well. This is how the actress supported him on the controversy:

Do you think Iqra Aziz stand right on the statement?

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