Yasir Hussain Getting High Trolling For His ‘Transphobic’ Comment

Yasir Hussain has set off the crowd by and by with his unseemly jokes which the audience cannot tolerate at all!  The entertainer and comic Yasir Hussain has been having issues with his activities and individuals are troubled about it.

Just recently, he shared an image of his character in an up and coming show sequential ‘Help me Durdana’ where he is altogether spruced up as a lady and wearing a ‘saree’. Since he didn’t make reference to what really his job is, individuals mistaken it for the job of a transgender.

Over the picture post one of the followers commented on which Yasir Hussain reply back in a rude way which the audience did not tolerate at all and started trolling him! Check out how he replied:


Yasir Hussain has been always in the middle of the controversies for his statements and jokes which he might be sound funny for him but not for the audience. Social media is completely supporting the boy who asked the question because at some stage his question was quite mature, but the way the actor replied back is not at all mature enough for any celebrity!

What is your opinion about it?

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