Yasir Hussain back to theatre with Aangan Terha’s sequel “Naach Na Jaanay”

Do you remember the video which Yasir Hussain shared on social media as a clean shave look? Many of you get so many thoughts in mind that why he did this because he used to look so handsome in the beard. But hold on! There is a surprise for you! You remember that theater play “Aangan Tehra”? Yes! That amazing and memorable play of theater that is still fresh in the minds of people! Yasir Hussain is coming back with the sequel of that theater play and this is making everyone to go excited for it!

Yasir Hussain has already given his fans a big hint that something big will be happening in 2019 and this theater play is what he was talking about! The actor is heading his way back to the theater after 7 years with “Naach Na Jaanay”. The play has been written by Anwar Maqsood. It has been unveiled that the play will be put on premier on 23rd March 2019.

Are you excited for it?

Yasir will be leading into the main role of the theater play as the Akbar in the play. Years back this Angan tehra play broke so many records with the highlight of 101 consecutive shows in Karachi. It was also written by Anwar Maqsood. In Aangan Tehra, Yasir played the role of Saleem Nasir sahib’s character from his drama Aangan Terha as to be seven years back in the serial’s theatre adaptation. Dawar Mahmood will be directing it and KopyKats is standing as producing it at Arts Council Karachi.



Talking about the character himself, Yasir unveiled that his role is all about the dancer who is living into the era of Zia. The story spins around the characters and dancers of that era and how they survive and how they meet the both ends meet to live.

Yasir Hussain has always brought a smile on the faces of people with his amazing acting and comic skills. Let’s see will he win the hearts of his fans with this new theater play or not!

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