Why should I moisturize?

Summer and moisturizer seemed like two words that can never be put together in one sentence. Do I want to moisturize my already-very-oily-sweat prone skin?

These harsh summer rays of the sun can damage and dehydrate the skin. Not only do we lose moisture but we end up with one issue that all women dread, dull tanned skin!

The real question is when and how many times and should you be moisturizing?

  • After taking a shower. The ritual of applying a good moisturizer to your skin after shower is a must. This is the time when skin of the body dries up because of soap and water.
  • When going out in the sun. It will help you protect from the harsh rays of sun.
    Every time you wash your hands.
  • After ablution when you are done with prayers do reapply lotion to your hands and feet.
  • Before bed time, for beautiful soft skin.
  • Our favourite is “Vaseline Healthy White”!

Why should I moisturize


Treat your skin as whole. Slathering creams on your face like whipped cream on pancakes and ignoring the rest of your skin is not right.
Moisturize all exposed areas: hands, neck arms legs, feet, etc.
Remember ladies beautiful skin is just a dab of moisture away!


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