Tips for Flawless Skin from Kitchen Shelf

Everyone of us dreams to have flawless skin at cheap costs. We get too much confused of how to get flawless skin. Here are given some tips for flawless skin from kitchen shelf.

Black Cumin Powder for Flawless Skin

Let me here tell you that having flawless skin is all possible if you give preference to cumin powder. This must be easily present in your kitchen. Add some black cumin powder in olive oil. Make a paste of the two things. Apply this paste onto your skin and trust me, this is really going to give you skin in a couple of weeks. The material is perfect to be used in all of the seasons.

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Flawless Skin

Honey and Glycerin

Now comes the turn of having honey and glycerin for the skin. You just have to add one teaspoon of honey in two teaspoons of glycerin. This is going to give you flawless skin, and has no side effects. You can apply this material onto the skin as it is highly effective to deal with blackheads, and various other skin problems.

Lemon Juice

Here is the lemon juice right from your kitchen. This is an effective way to have flawless skin in a couple of days. As we all know that lemon juice has absolutely no side effects for the skin. You can make its paste with honey and apply to the skin. This would certainly prevent from various skincare problems, and would give you skin in a few weeks only.


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Flawless Skin

Sandalwood Poweder

The sandalwood powder can be mixed with turmeric powder and lemon juice. Once the mixture is ready, apply it to your skin. Trust me this would give you skin and can remove the tans from it in a couple of days.

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