Who Is The King! Shah Rukh Khan Or Humayun Saeed…

Shah Rukh Khan and Humayun Saeed both need absolutely no introduction. Both of these actors have a massive fan following. Shah Rukh Khan is just as popular in Pakistan as he is in his own country. Same is true for Humayun Saeed, lately he has become more popular in India than ever. Humayun Saeed already enjoys great fan following in his own country. The interesting bit is that there have been many times when Humayun Saeed has been compared to Shah Rukh Khan for some reason or the other. Humayun Saeed himself has at times given the example of Shah Rukh Khan when he faced criticism for playing leading roles in films and dramas even though according to some people he is not young enough to play the ‘hero’. Is there really a comparison between Shah Rukh Khan and Humayun Saeed? And if we were to compare them, then on what grounds? Here is out take on Shah Rukh Khan vs Humayun Saeed discussion.

The Comparisons

There have been many times when people within Pakistan have also criticized Humayun Saeed by drawing demeaning comparisons with Shah Rukh Khan. There was this one time when someone called Humayun Saeed “ghareebon ka Shah Rukh Khan” – which basically implied that he was a cheap version of the popular Bollywood celebrity. Humayun Saeed’s response summed up perfectly how he saw this comment as an insult to the Pakistani awam and not him!

The fact remains that these two actors have always been on cordial ties. They have also performed together on the stage when Pakistani actors were invited to India. The age difference between these actors is huge therefore it won’t be wrong to say that while Shah Rukh Khan’s days as a leading hero are over after giving one flop film after the other, Humayun Saeed is still going stronger than ever.

Who Is More Versatile?

No doubt, Humayun Saeed has reinvented himself over and over again. He still reigns supreme on the big and the small screen. He has not only starred in big projects but he has also produced some of the most popular television and cinema ventures of recent times. While no one can question Shah Rukh Khan’s popularity, the fact is that Shah Rukh Khan’s acting has always been on the over the top side. Apart from this he has never changed his style of acting. His dialogue delivery and expressions remain more or less the same no matter what kind of character he plays. Humayun Saeed on the other hand has experimented more than once and he can mould himself in different characters. He has played the larger than life hero and at the same time he played a love-stricken hopeless romantic, a man who was completely helpless and a complete victim in his latest drama Mere Pass Tum Ho. Humayun Saeed makes his fans wait for his projects while Shah Rukh Khan has so many times worked in so many projects back to back.

The Contribution to Entertainment Industry

There was a time when Shah Rukh Khan’s name sold films but that is no longer the case. He himself has decided to take a break from acting because he too can see that even though people love him, his films are just not delivering. Shah Rukh Khan has obviously done more work than Humayun Saeed because of the age difference and also because of the fact that Indian film industry is much more active than that of Pakistan.

While Shah Rukh Khan has only contributed to the industry by acting in the films which generated great revenues, Humayun Saeed has acted as well as produced many such films. Although on the international level most often we see Shah Rukh Khan being highlighted way more than Humayun Saeed ever has but the fact is that on the national level Humayun Saeed has done more for the entertainment industry of Pakistan. Humayun Saeed has also proved himself as an intelligent business man who is constantly growing his enterprise with him being the central figure.



The Persona

Humayun Saeed is one of those few superstars who have relied wholly on their own capabilities. He works hard on his physique and he does whatever it takes to look good. Humayun Saeed has never been part of any controversy and even when he is dragged into such a matter, he always takes the higher road. Humayun Saeed is focused entirely on his career. Shah Rukh Khan on the other hand has very often been part of controversies. He does not always take criticism gracefully. A recent example of that was when Jaya Bachan termed Happy New Year a nonsensical film and Shah Rukh Khan made sure that everyone involved ‘explained’ what was going on here!

Style Game and Looks

Shah Rukh Khan and Humayun Saeed both have worked hard to get where they are today. Both of them were not star kids when they entered the industry. They have worked their way up owing to their own efforts. While Shah Rukh Khan’s age is over since he has failed to deliver in the past few years, Humayun Saeed still has a lot to offer to his fans.

While Shah Rukh Khan has clearly turned to plastic surgery lately to look younger and more refreshing, Humayun Saeed has never done so. Like any other actor, Humayun Saeed uses make-up to enhance his features but he is totally comfortable in his own skin. Unlike Shah Rukh Khan Humayun Saeed has never endorsed a fairness cream. Apart from this Humayun Saeed owns his age and most of his looks are more manly than boyish. He knows how to make the most of his manly charm. Shah Rukh Khan on the other hand is still busy looking cute and is finding it hard to change his style game to suit his age. At 54 he could be doing character roles and looking his age but very often his styling does not go well with his age.

The Verdict

Humayun Saeed is a growing star who has proved time and again that he is here to stay. He owns who he is and is clearly not going to change himself to fit into certain standards set by the society. Shah Rukh Khan on the other hand should in a decent manner exit from the industry since his time is over. He can easily sit back and enjoy the massive fan following he has earned over the decades.


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