Imran Abbas Is not a Big Fan of Cheekh! Check Story Here

Well it feels like Imran abbas is not a big fan of Cheekh drama serial about which he opened about much recently in one of his latest post sharing! Imran Abbas is currently the part of GEO TV latest serial with Sana Javed and in this serial the audience is much making him resembled with the acting of Wajih as Bilal Abbas in Cheekh.

In one of his latest post sharing he expressed about his upcoming serial, one of the fans questioned him about his acting skills being similar with Wajeeh from Cheekh. On this question, this is what Imran Abbas has to say about:


Well it feels like Imran Abbas is jealous from the rising popularity of bilal Abbas or we can conider that he is even though trying to copy the actor acting skills in Cheekh.  But from his reply he has clearly mentioned that the drama is the copy from the Indian film which he watched couple of days back and he liked the film more as compare to drama.

Well on being calling out as the copy cat, none of the drama cast member or the team management has reacted on it!

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