Waqar Zaka Shows His Support for Ali Zafar In Meesha Shafi Case

Well the controversy of Ali Zafar and Meesha has divided the celebrities into two groups where some of them are coming ahead in support of Ali Zafar and many are in favor of Meesha Shafi as they did even most of the time experienced to get into such situation with the singer. The celebrities in support of Ali Zafar are namely as Meera, Mawra Hocane, Urwa Hocane, Reema and so many more. But we have another name and this is none other than the Waqar Zaka!

See how the entertainer shows out his support for the singer, Ali Zafar:

This whole case is becoming an interesting and gossiping story to talk about because so many celebrities are getting in tiff war with one another to support their sides. Momina was the first celebrities who spoke out in Meesha Shafi as she was in rumored dating relation with Ali Zafar brother, Daniyal Zafar.


No one knows the inside story and we really hope that the final end of the decision would be in favor of the right person and the real face of the celebrity would come in front of the audience. Do you think Ali Zafar is standing right on his place?

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