Ushna Shah Reveals about Taking Help from Therapy to Control her Anger

Ushna Shah sat down with Dr. Shaista Lodhi in a bare-all interview, the place she discussed her coming-of-age as an actress, and how she had to control her “tantrums” early on in the industry.

The ‘Balaa’ actress revealed she suffered from mood swings and was once possessive as a child, having come from a large family. When requested about how she tamed her temper swings, Ushna published it was therapy that dampened them; “mein bohot hyper hojati ti, I didn’t have temper swings (onset), however an aggression” when matters didn’t go her way.

The actress spoke about how she left her research as a teen to pursue acting, a lot to the dismay of her mother. Moving to Karachi was tough on Ushna, she neglected her mom in the fetal degrees particularly feeling lonely in a new city. Despite feeling an entitled feel of “azaadi,” Ushna started craving for anyone to query her whereabouts, just to get that feeling of ‘someone being there.’

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When requested about the industry, Ushna admitted that it can be very “ugly” in specific when dealing with scandal and gossip. Everyone has an opinion, and “you have to develop a thick skin” to live to tell the tale in such a brutal warzone – she stated solely “mature” and “intelligent” human beings can flourish in such a dark fraternity.

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