Unbelievable Pakistani Celebrity Look-Alikes

Here we have some new pictures of Pakistani celebrities who look like Hollywood and Bollywood stars.

Unbelievable Pakistani Celebrities Look Alikes

Sajal Ali and Kareena Kapoor

Sajjal Ali look alike Kareena Kapoor

Shamoon Abbasi and Akshay Kumar

Shamoon Abbasi look alike Akshay Kumar

Fawad Khan and Tom Cruise

Fawad Khan look alike Tom Cruise


Ali Zafar and James Franco


Ali Zafar look alike James Franco

Farah Ali and Celina Jaitley

Farah Ali look alike Celina Jaitley

Farah Sadya and Tena Desae

Farah Saadya look alike Tena Desae

Image Source: DesiFreeTv

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