Top Model & Actress Mahnoor Baloch Profile


Pakistani fashion model Mahnoor Baloch was born on 14th July, 1970 in US. She belongs to a sindhi family.

Modeling Career:

At the age of twenty, Mahnoor Baloch started her modeling career. She worked in many commercials of huge brands. Female model Mahnoor Baloch modeled for many brands and walked ramps but it was then when she had to wear some short skirt and walk the ramp, she decided to quit the walking on runway. In her own words:

“I believe style does not mean that one has to be vulgar. In a fashion show we were to model for some western clothes. The skirt I had to wear had a slit way up till my thigh. It was very embarrassing for me. That was my last show. I believe there is a difference between style and nudity. I like modeling but catwalk is a definite no no now. I will continue to work in commercials though.”

Acting Career:

In 1993, she entered Pakistani television industry with the drama serial Marvi. Mahnoor Baloch was not the leading actress in the drama serial but still her acting skills were appreciated a lot. After Marvi, Mahnoor Baloch bagged the role of well known actor Abid Ali’s daughter in the drama serial Dosra Aasmaan.


Mahnoor Baloch is one of the most beautiful and talented actress/model in Pakistani industry. She does not only model or act but also direct. Mahnoor Baloch entered the direction in 2000 and now she direct and produces her own drama serials. She first directed serial Lamhay which was received well by the audience. Next, she directed drama Patihar ki Chaoon. This top model in fact likes direction more than acting.

Mahnoor Baloch is also working in Hollywood movie Two Mothers.

Top model Mahnoor Baloch has a very cute and alluring face which enhances her beauty and personality even more. Unlike other actors and models, fashion model Mahnoor Baloch focuses on quality of her work rather than quantity.

Personal Life:

Personal life of this fashion model is just like one every girl could dream of.
reveals Mahnoor Baloch’s personal life for its readers.

Fashion model Mahnoor Baloch got married at the age of 15. Her husband Hamid was seventeen years old at that time. Getting married at such a young age is not easy in normal situations but Hamid’s father was the friend of Mahnoor Baloch’s father and so it was not very difficult for them to make every one agree on their marriage. The couple got married with every family member’s consent.

One can imagine that by getting married in such a young age, magic of marriage might fly away. But in the case of this fashion model, even after so many years she shares perfectly healthy and lovely relationship with her husband. The couple shares a friendly relationship more because they knew each other from their childhood. Practically, they grew up together and their bonding is that’s why stronger than any other married couple. Today they have twenty six years old daughter.

Drama Serials in which Pakistani Model Mahnoor Baloch has worked are:


  • Lamhay
  • Doosra Aasman
  • Shidat
  • Unhoni
  • Sila
  • Kabhi Kabhi Pyar Mei
  • Chaandni Raatain
  • Yeh Zindagi
  • Patjhar Ki Chaioon
  • Jaane kyun
  • Ab Ghar Jane Do
  • Noor Bano
  • Mohobat Rooth Gaye
  • Ladies Park
  • Ishq Ibadat
  • Nur Pur Ki Rani
  • Mehar Bano aur Shah Bano
  • Tishnagi
  • Pal mein Ishq Pal mein Nahi
  • Ek Nazar meri taraf
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