Read How Frieha Altaf Converted A Non-Muslim Couple To Islam!

Let’s read how the former model and event planner, Frieha Altaf, converted a non-Muslim couple to Islam.

You will be surprised to hear how the non-Muslim couple converted to Islam due to Frieha’s effort.

Frieha Altaf

Frieha, who’s a well-known name in the fashion industry, visited Urban Primitive, world famous tattoo artist Daemon Rowanchilde’s salon. She went there, to get a tattoo on her body. According to Frieha, her mother was against tattoos.

“When I was going to get my first tattoo, my mother asked me to avoid it, because it’s haram and my namaz will not be accepted.”


Despite her mother’s order, Frieha visited the tattoo artist Daemon to get a tattoo on her body. During her visit, she formed amicable relations with Daemon and his wife and visited them again for her second tattoo.

One day, Daemon told Frieha that he had found some great calligraphy. When Frieha asked him, to show the calligraphy, it was the chart of the 99 names of Allah. On seeing this, Frieha gave a book to the tattoo artist that highlighted the meanings of the 99 names of Allah.

Daemon Rowanchilde and his wife got so much attracted towards Islam; that next time Frieha offered them a copy of the translation of the Holy Quran. After a few months, Frieha got a call from that tattoo artist, who told her, that he and his wife have converted to Islam.

“I told my mother about this incident and said if I had never gotten a tattoo, this would have never happened. Although people might call a tattoo haram, this incident led me to show people how beautiful our religion is which inspired the tattoo artists to convert,” said Frieha.

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