Top 5 Pakistani Wedding Photographers In 2016

When it comes to the wedding occasions then apart from the bride and groom, wedding photographers play one of the prominent roles. Now as the trend of the wedding photographers is getting out to be so famous then as you will be looking around you will be finding so many top excellent and skillfull wedding photographers who fully knows the tricks that how to capture the best moments of the wedding in the form of pictures forever.

Top 5 Pakistani Wedding Photographers In 2016

1. Irfan Ahson:


At the top of the list we have the renowned name of Irfan Ahson! He started with the business as being the photographer in the year 2010. Irfan Ahson has been known out to be the Internationally renowned & award winning wedding photojournalist/Engineer but now he is settled in Lahore since Sep 2010. He has introduced a new trend of the wedding photography.

2. Osman Pervaiz Mughal ( OPM ):


On the next we have the name of another top photographer named as Osman Pervaiz Mughal as famously known by the name of OPM. This photographer is young and has just newly put the steps in the wedding photography business. He deals with the wedding photography, party photography and engagement events as well.

3. Aahad:



At the third spot we have the name of Aahad! Aahad is one of the talented and yet the promising upcoming wedding photographers. Aahad has been engaged up in giving away the services of the wedding photography, party photography and engagement events as well.


4. Xpressions:


At the fourth we have the name of Xpressions! Xpressions are quite famous because they are offering their services with the wedding photography, party photography and engagement events in just the reasonable and best affordable rates.

Abbas Khan Photography:

Abbas Khan Photography Pictures

Abbas Khan Photography is documenting wedding Photography  since 15 years. Abbas Khan always aim at every event to illustrate it with an artistic, modern, documentary-style of storytelling with new Ideas. Don’t Consider him to be a traditional wedding Photographer but his  style is to take fantastic images with an art of Lighting the SUBJECTS and the final results are always awesome and amazing. He is Karachi based covering  weddings all over Pakistan, Dubai, Canada & USA. Not only Photography but DSLR Cinematic-Style Videography and heart-touching Summaries & Promos with the most experienced team is another benefit to his honorable clients.

Contact Number : 0092 – 333-3785549
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