Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Owned Islands

We have always shared the news about your favourite celebrities and tried to keep you update about the celebrity interests and their recent activities and projects. Now we will tell you about those Hollywood Top 5 Celebrities who have owned Islands.
Island is a piece of land surrounded by water. These can be emerged or drown naturally. People now days try to spend their holidays at places near water or at islands specially celebrities who are famous and want to spend holidays at calm places.
Here is the list Of 5 Celebrities who have owned the islands.

Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Owned Islands.

1. Mel Gibson:Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Owned Islands-Mel Gibson

Hollywood Star Mel Gibson is in the top of this list. He owned the ‘Mago Island’ in ‘Fiji’ region for $15 Million in 2005. Its area is about 5440 acres.

2. David Copperfield:Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Owned Islands-David Copperfield

Another Hollywood star and holder of 21 Emmy Awards David Copperfield owned an island ‘Musha Cay’ at Bahamas in 2006 having area of 150 acres. Its estimated cost would be $50 Million. This Island is surrounded by three small islands one of which has owned by Hollywood comedian ‘Eddy Murphy’


3.Leonardo Di Caprio:Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Owned Islands-Leonardo


Most Famous Titanic Hero ‘Leonardo Di Caprio’ has also bought the beautiful Island ‘Blackadore Cay’ in Belize. He purchased this island in 2005 for $1.75 million. It is heard that Leonardo wants to make environment friendly resort on this island with the hotel having 80 rooms.

4. Johnny Depp:Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Owned Islands-Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp has purchased the beautiful island in Caribbean named as ‘Little Hall’s Pond Cay’ having 45 acres area for $3.6 million. Johnny Depp got inspired by the living style of Bahamas while filming ‘The Pirates Of Caribbean’. He this island at Bahamas and also declared that this island will be completely eco friendly and public and press would not be allowed to stay here.

5. Nicholas Cage:Top 5 Celebrities Who Have Owned Islands-Nicholas Cage

Well known actor Nicholas Cage has owned home on Luxurious Paradise Island in Bahamas. Later he bought an island in Bahamas named as Leaf cay in 2006 of about for $3.6 Million and it is also heard that he had sold it out because of native reptiles.

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