Tips To Apply Eye Shadow

When we firstly think about making the eyes beautiful then we normally think over the eye shadows first because the eye can appear much stunning when they are decorated with the perfectly applied eye shadows. Now the main troublesome is that there are many girls who are not much aware from the actual method for the application of the eye shadows. Well there is no need to face the trouble any longer because in this article we are mentioning some of the most known and prominent tips in view with the stunningly applying eye shadows.

1. Firstly before applying the eye shadow make sure that you have covered the face skin fully with the suitable amount of the foundation. Foundation helps in sticking the eye shadows and other additional makeup at one place. Make the choice of such foundations that matched with the skin tone.


2. Sometimes the eye shadows also reach swiftly at the eye lids as well and that is the biggest mistake make by the women. Make sure that the eye lids stay away from the eye shadows because it will come across to be much messy and untidy.

3. In addition we have the tip about the eye color comparison. Make sure that when you make the choice for the eye shadows they must matches with the color of the eyes as well. If the eyes are brown then make the choice for black or grey eye shadows.

4. In the final stage you can give the concluding feel with the mascara and increasing the eye lashes.

Well this was all for the eye shadow makeup and we are sure that now the girls would be all set for attending the parties with the combination of fine looking and mesmerizing eye shadows makeup on their eyes.

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