TikToker Dolly Flipsides Margalla Fire Video Criticism

TikToker Dolly Flipsides Margalla Fire Video Criticism. TikToker Dolly came up with a counter narrative against the ‘propaganda’ built against her on social networking and instant messages applications for the last two days after her video went viral in the backdrop of Margalla Hill fire incident.

Today, the Tiktoker posted a video in her defense in which she said that the locals sat it on fire, before filming the Tiktok videos, she interrogated the reason of setting the forest on fire from local faculty. The locals said that they set forest on fire to kill snakes. She then made a few Tiktok videos which went viral and ignited criticism. Here is the video.

People highlighted the video and Islamabad Wildlife Board Assistant Director Environment Department even submitted an application against the female content creator—Dolly—to lodge an FIR in the Kohsar Police Station for making such videos in front of burning trees, an awful incident, for the sake of views, likes and social media popularity.

Later on, the Tiktoker also made a clarification video and said that whatever has happened on social media is disappointing for her and people should know the reality before saying anything. Here is her clarification video.


Dolly first uploaded a video explaining her narrative that she took her make-up class in Haripur and on the way back to Islamabad, she recorded this video on the Motorway in which a local person explained, “We burn shrubs to prevent the indigenous types of the snakes and other hazardous animals.”

Fans said that she might be right as it was set on fire by local villagers. A few taunted her for her low quality content. A few fans didn’t even believe her side of story and criticized her .Here is what public wrote under her clarification videos.

TikToker Dolly Flipsides Margalla Fire Video Criticism

The female content creator who got 479000 followers on the video-streaming and sharing application TikTok urged people to viral the videos to spread her side of the story.

”I am making this video in complete disappointment. Nobody asked me for my side of the version and kept on sharing my video,” Dolly said.

She uploaded a video in which Dolly said, “You can clearly see in this video the billboard indicates the place which is motorway and not the National Park Kohsar. Listen to the person in the video carefully so that you know the reality. I expect justice.”

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