This is How Mahira Khan Applauded Meera

The trailer of one of the maximum awaited films of this year baji-the movie is in the long run out and it just left us surprised. We have meera, amna ilyas, osman khalid butt, and mohsin abbas haider inside the essential lead role, the film is primarily based at the life of an actress known as ‘shameera’.

It seems like the movie will divulge many stunning and inside secrets about our glamour enterprise and we without a doubt cannot wait to watch it. Properly, it proved to be like a perfect treat for the weekend!

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The trailer opens up with meera’s bold person ‘shameera’ who gets in contact with amna ilyas’ person and hires her as a private assistant. The drama begins at the same time as shameera receives changed via her assistant in a movie because the leading actress and it offers audiences a barely new twist.

Have a have a look at the trailer!

It became an revel in full of feelings and drama and now we just cannot wait to look at the movie! Similarly, the raaes actress mahira khan additionally couldn’t forestall herself from appreciating the entire team. The actress twitted:


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