Superstar Marvi — The dark side of Lollywood

Superstar Marvi belonged to the rare breed of actresses who began career in Lollywood. She was from Sindhi background and within a very short span of time secured her place in tinsel town.

It is very much familiar to almost every one of us that superstar Marvi was seen in a couple of movies. She could have impressed us a lot move with her talent and beauty if she was given the chance of appearing a lot more.

Superstar Marvi, the dark sides of Lollywood

Superstar Marvi made good fortune, a film producer cast her as the female lead in his production titled Marvi with actor Faisal Qureshi. It is unfortunate that the fate still didn’t work with her as she was shot near a traffic signal near Tariq Road, Karachi, on August 25, 1998.

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Superstar Marvi


The beautiful superstar Marvi dead body remained lying in the care for hours and hours. She was driving the car alone, and no one noticed that she is dead. The police and official authorities arrived at the scene of crime very late, as usually. Yes, it is usual that no arrests were made regarding her killing. No one knows who was actually behind the death of superstar Marvi. Her last movie released after her death.

The dark side of Lollywood

The dark side of Lollywood is that our celebrities are not at all in safe hands. In the country we live in the environment is very uncertain. There are so many incidents when the people are killed or threatened to kill. Our celebrities, unfortunately, are facing the same problems. There is a strong need to control such a situation. Superstar Marvi would never come back, it is true. At the same time, we need to remember that life of anyone is not so cheap that any other person can take it.

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