Stylish Mehndi Designs 2016

Mehndi (Henna) is thought as one of the traditional thing in our culture. Women and girls of present age have always been fascinated by it. Most of our events are incomplete without  it. Mehndi is an art and Art has no limits. You can express it in different ways. It is versatile and become a interesting thing. Everyone is an artist and you can
show your art in everything including mehndi. Most of you choose mehndi design form mehndi designs book. For an artistic mehndi all you need is to transform your thoughts  into reality.

stylish mehndi designs 2016
Modern mehndi designs have been changing alot with time. In the past, mehndi was floral type but now it becomes change into some trendy patterns or more like a tatoos. Stylish mehndi designs 2016 are now here with tatoos that are Black and save for your hands. Tatoos and smart designs are good for fat hands also.

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 Mehndi Designs 2016 For Girls

mehndi designs 2016 stylish mehndi design 2016


Most girls love heavy mehndi on their hands and some loves stylish mehndi. Stylish mehndi designs 2016 are mostly of fingers which you can carry in casual and gives  you hands a stylish look. Now a days, mehndi designs are unique using specific pattern in it.

fingers mehndi

mehndi designs for finger


stylish 2016 mehndi designs


Simple index finger Henna are common in stylish mehndi. This is good design for the people who don’t like loaded design of mehndi.

stylish mehndi 2016

Stylish mehndi designs 2016 has Geomatric pattern of mehndi which are always eye catching. It looks so complicated but it is actually really simple. All you need is a little practice.

stylish mehndi design for 2016

stylish mehndi design- geomatric

stylish mehndi -geomatric design

You would love the stylish mehndi designs of the fingers. It looks simple but its harder than its looks. Try it and get awsume compliments.

2016 stylish mehndi design

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