latest mehndi designs by hennArt

In the last few years mehndi has taken on a whole new persona. Not just the necessary adornment for any wedding or festive celebration, we’re now taking a modern look at an old tradition! Although traditional bridal Henna is intricate, HennaArt has moulded its signature lines to suit the taste of any bride – traditional or modern.

Choose from a wide variety of intricate lattice work designs or bold statement making designs or simply incorporate motifs from your outfit into a piece of art!- HennaArt caters to all preferences!

For conversation pieces, why not opt for a HennaArt tattoo? They’re fun, bold and best of all, temporary!!

bridal mehndi patterns for girls 648

bridal mehndi 289


beautiful bridal mehndi 748


mehndi 729

bridal mehndi for girls3

mehndi design628


mehndi design2

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